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Members of the GVFD, who are also members of the Gloucester County Technical Rescue Team, received citations last night during the Gloucester County Fire Chief’s Association.

The dedicated members who received the citation were in the mountains in Pennsylvania for special training involving rope rescue. While performing their training task, a real life medical emergency occurred adjacent from them on the mountain. Battling steep inclines and rugged terrain, the members of our department, along with the other members from the technical rescue team, acted flawlessly while performing patient packaging and medical care. The patient was extricated from the mountain by these members and was able to obtain proper medical care.

The members included in this heroic act included Chief Leonard Fisler, Firefighter George Plotts, Firefighter Chuck Shaw, Firefighter Ed Deegan and Firefighter Joe Olenhausen.

On behalf of your brothers and sisters at the Gibbstown Fire Department we would like to say congratulations on your achievement and thank you for representing our department as far away as a mountaintop in Pennsylvania. Although the back of you were technical rescue jacket may read GCTRT, the sleeve patch reads Gibbstown Fire Department and we could not be prouder.